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We could use a bunch of beer buzzwords and tell you that our beers are meticulously hand crafted by the best artisan brewers in the world using only the finest high-country barley, hops grown by divine intervention, handpicked by fairies at the peak of perfection and natural spring water from century old glaciers carried down the mountain by Tibetan monks, but this would only be partially true. Quite simply we are just a couple of folks that love good beer. 
 Big Block Oktoberfest

Big Block Oktoberfest

Currently on Tap at the Block

Honey Pale Ale            American Hefeweizen        Blonde Lager

IPA           Double IPA        Oatmeal Stout         Raspberry Blonde

Irish Red          English Pale           Black Ale           Cherry Stout  

 last updated on 6/19 we are constantly changing our tap selection watch for updates

                             Our Honey Pale took Gold!!

                            Our Honey Pale took Gold!!

The Boss
Honey Pale Ale

 In 1969 the Boss 429 Big Block Mustang was the meanest muscle car on the road, while they only made these cars for 2 years the Boss 429 is still considered one of the top muscles cars ever made, only 1359 were produced in those 2 years. Much like this amazing car our honey pale is a limited production and we feel it’s one of the meanest beers we make, in a manner of speaking. We add local Raspberry honey to the brew during the boil; the majority of the sugars are fermented out leaving behind a slight citrus and floral undertone, when Northern Brewers and Cascade hops are added it makes for a complex, smooth easy drinking beer. We do caution you, once you drive the boss it’s tough to jump back into that compact hybrid light beer.

OG 1.065    7.3% ABV   40 IBU

Flathead Red
Irish Red Ale

The first Flathead V8 or “Flatty” was built by Ford in 1932. This tough, reliable and powerful motor was a staple for those who wanted to be a little faster than the next guy; from business men to bootleggers this engine changed an industry and defined an era. Much like the “Flatty” our red packs a lot of horsepower, is still preferred by business men and bootleggers and is one of our favorite brews.  It is a beautiful dark amber color with lots of malts giving this beer a slightly sweet, roasted almond flavor.

OG 1.060   6.5 % ABV   


India Pale Ale


We wanted to make an IPA that was reflective of the style and true to its bitter heritage but didn’t rip your face off and completely destroy your ability to taste.  A blend of Cascade, Chinook and Citra hops give this IPA a medium bitterness with citrus and grapefruit characteristics with a slight lingering bitterness on your pallet. Don’t let the high IBUs scare you; the malts give this beer good balance.

OG 1.060 5.8 % ABV    


Our Kolsch style ale is made in the traditional German style, very light, smooth and easy to drink. This beer is slightly cloudy, Munich and Crystal malts give it a light yellow color, its best enjoyed on a nice sunny day, but in the Northwest its good anytime.

OG 1.050   5.1% ABV   28 IBU

Blonde Lager

A fan favorite here at the brewery, our blonde lager has a nice golden color. This beer is, balanced with Hallaetau and Cascade hops this beer is very clean little bitterness with a nice smooth finish.

OG 1.052   5.2% ABV   28 IBU



Raspberry Blonde

A blonde ale made with real northwest raspberries, not extract or syrup. It is very light with strong raspberry notes, you will get nice fruit flavors but it’s not sweet as most of the sugars do ferment out with a final gravity around 1.008.

OG 1.052    5.2% ABV   26 IBU


                        Raspberry Blonde takes Bronze

                       Raspberry Blonde takes Bronze

Black Ale

Don’t let the name and dark color scare you; this is a light drinkable medium bodied beer with hints of toasted almond, chocolate and coffee with very little bitterness. We use a small amount of German Carfa Malt, this dark roasted de-husked grain helps give this beer its wonderful color and flavor. Don’t be afraid to try a black…..all the cool kids are doing it.

OG 1.052   5.3 % ABV   IBU


Chocolate Porter

Made with crystal and chocolate malts this porter is a full bodied beer with strong chocolate notes and a mild coffee finish, it is thick smooth and creamy with no detectable bitterness. While this is a true porter, it’s not heavy weighing at only 5.4%

OG 1.050   5.4 % ABV   30 IBU