Big Block engines made their debut in family cars in the late 50’s and early 60’s long before the muscle car ever hit the streets. Back then, ordering a Big Block motor was rare, expensive and not real great on gas. People put these larger, powerful motors in their 4-door Impalas, Galaxies, Wildcats, and Vista cruisers because they wanted more. It made their drive to work or the store just a little bit better, a little faster, a little more fun…. it separated them from the rest and best of all... they did it because they could.

Our brewery was founded on the same principle. Our brews take a little longer to produce, they cost a little more to make, and they just might be a little more fun. When we sit down to have a beer, we want something a little bit more. Why do we brew this way? …Because we can. Take one of our brews for a test drive, sit back and enjoy the ride. Cheers!